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Have you seen Tenney, Logan and Felicity yet? They released yesterday, I believe. I saw them earlier and I am not that impressed with all that AG has done. I don’t like Logan, or, the Idea of Logan. Tenney is cute, but I don’t think i’d get her.  (I might surprise myself on that though, I never liked Rebecca until I got her) And I think I like the original Felicity better than the new one. Are their hands different? they sort of look like Our Gen hands.

I do really love the new outfits and Tenney and Logans instruments.

What do you think about them? (sorry this is short)

Comment below what you think!




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Hey Guys! I am probably one of the worst bloggers ever. sorry. *chirp, chirp, chirp* uhh..

Anyway, here is a photo shoot of a new outfit I got from Etsy. (Shop: theGlamdoll)


I got the taupe and plaid skater dress.


Maryellen is in it now, but Rebecca looks best in it.


I got her to stand up on a tree that had fallen down! (she almost hit the ground like, 10 times!

(By the way, those are our generation shoes from the tropical paradise outfit) (I think that is what that is called)


Here’s a better view. On the other side of the log there is a creek! (I’m glad it was dried up!)


Oh! look at that, Maisy. How did she get there? check out this link to read about her:


Here’s another one! I don’t know if you can tell, but she’s falling in this photo q:

Here are some random photo’s:

img_0886  img_0785


Have you ever built a blanket/pillow fort? well me and my brother built one, I thought y’all might want to see it!


This is an overview of what it looks like. It is actually huge inside!


This is the inside, I am sitting in the middle, so imagine this 2x as big. (I am obsessed with twinkle lights(: )


Should I do a room tour? I mean, would y’all like that? because we moved in to our house three months ago and it is finally set up!



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Hey everyone!

They are calling for a snowstorm here in Georgia in about.. let my check the clock… NOW!!!! I am so excited! -but, it’s just raining right now, no, sleeting. Anyway, expect a LOT of photos😋 I love snow.

do any of you have snow?


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2016 Look back

Hi guys! I don’t know why I say that, we’re not Guys :p Hello Ladies.

My one year Anniversary on WordPress was the 12th of December, so Since it’s 2017, HAPPY NEW YEAR! *Ahem, ahem* I thought we’d go through every thing i’ve done!

so this is the first picture thingy (Grammar, Audrey. Fix your Grammar Audrey)

Photo on 12-15-15 at 6.38 PM


This was an all my dolls picture I did the day I set up my blog. (bad quality, I know)

Starting from right: Kit, Ruthie, Lauren, Aubrey Kate, Kanani and Rebecca.

Photo on 12-15-15 at 10.28 PM


And this was a review of AG Minis. (p.s. I didn’t do that to her hair. It was like this when I opened her.)

Rebecca and a Christmas tree


This was A picture for the “Historic Time Period Places” Page. (Which I will soon be updating)

Photo on 12-19-15 at 10.13 AM #5


This was a “How to do an original braid” post. (I will soon be doing ones about how to fix up your doll, how to do a french braid, fishtail braid, dutch braid, ETC.)



This was a “Where’s Winter!” picture, thing. (there you go again, Audrey)

Photo on 12-19-15 at 1.45 PM #2


This was a how to do a waterfall braid tutorial.



This was a how to use Maryellen’s Hair curlers.



This was a Yard sale find post about Coconuts house.



This was “what I got for Christmas post” (when I got Holly)



This was when I got Maryellen, The DAY I got Maryellen.



This was Holly in Opryland Hotel. (Christmas)



This was an Updated All of My dolls post.



This was Rebecca on a hike in the mountains, one of my favorite pictures.



This was Maryellen and the frozen lake.



This was a picture from The two-time picture series “The Girl In The Dark Coat”.                      (I am also thinking about starting another picture series this year)



This was when I reviewed the poodle skirt I made for Maryellen.



This was Kanani at the lake.


These were Maryellen at the beach.



This was another updated All of my dolls picture.



This was a BIO picture of Kanani


This was the Melody Ellison Debut.



This was the picture for Rebecca’s BIO


This was were I was trying to figure out what Wellie Wisher to get. (Willa, Camille, Ashlyn, Kendall and Emerson.)



This was were I was opening Willa (Which I re-named Autumn Nicole)


This was a photoshoot of Autumn Nicole.



This was part of a photoshoot with Rebecca



This was part of a photoshoot with Nicki, my newest doll.



This was a picture of Autumn Nicole.



This is where I showed y’all the AG dolls at Kohls



And the latest one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maisy Grace, my latest post other than this one.

                      HAPPY NEW YEAR!

                THANK YOU FOR READING, GUY-LADIES!                                                        ~dollventuresblog


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Meet Maisy Grace

Hi there! Merry (late) Christmas! I hope your Christmas was awesome!

Me and my brother Evan have always wanted a teeny tiny puppy. we had one one time, but she was mean and so we didn’t really love her as much as we would have. We were 5 and 3, but still, she was mean. One night she ended up getting out of the fence, so that left us with no puppy for a long, long time.

This year on the 17th of December, our parents surprised us with one! She is 6 weeks old and really has a fancy for slippers😑 I found that out easily! We named her Maisy, she is a Maltipoo (cross breed Maltese and toy poodle) would you like to see her? Okay!


Look at that ear!


(She bit, I mean gummed me!)

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I need Ideas!

Hi Guys! I Am sort of out of Ideas for a post. Do y’all have any Ideas?  I have tried a few things, but they don’t ever seem to work!

here’s some things I would like to post:

How to fix up your old doll (which I do for a few people every now and then)

A picture series

Or anything else y’all can think of.

Well, hey! I was just thinking, this is a post!

Ha Ha, Thanks. ~Dollventuresblog

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AG Stuff at Kohls

Hi Everyone! Today we went to Kohl’s and I have seen the posts about AG (American Girl) Stuff at Kohl’s so I wanted to see if our Kohl’s had it and they did! I am not that excited about AG being at Kohl’s And Toys R Us, But i guess it’s keeping AG Popular and it’s convenient to people who don’t have AG close to them. So… Here’s a few Pictures I took of It all. (forgive the bad quality, I used the phone)



Soo… They Sell Lea Clark dolls there. They’re the same prices as they are in the AG store $120, They only had three left,(as you can see) (And the Black Wires around the boxes and for security)


So This is what I saw when I walked up. they sell girls clothes on either side of the stand.


They also sell Her Hiking Outfit, Rainforest Dreams PJ’s, 2-in-1 Swimsuit set, Lea’s Bahia outfit, Lea’s Accessories, Lea’s Beach Picnic set, Lea’s Margay Cat, Sea Turtle, and Sloth, Lea’s Rainforest Hike Accessories and Lea’s Beach Accessories. So, a Good amount of stuff.

(All the same price as AG)




Also, I walked around the corner, (didn’t know anything about this) They sell Wellie Wishers! The only dolls they had were one Willa, four Kendall’s and five or six Ashlyn’s.

They also had the Ocean Treasures set, and the Nature Explorer set.

for clothes they had the Daisy Princess Costume and the Enchanted Garden PJ’s.

They had the Little Lady bug brush, too!

Here’s some more pictures:



And this is just a close – up.

Thanks for Reading, Guys! (who are (mostly) girls)

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What Happened???

Hi Guys! So, probably not the post you’re expecting, but have you seen the “All my Dolls” page? well, I just signed on to here, I went to edit something on it and All of it was gone! I will repost It but just letting you guys know.

Also, I am going to start doing what I call “Picture-Torial’s” Where I show you guys how to fix up old/dirty dolls. So, please stay tuned for that!


                  Thanks, Guys! And Sorry! ~dollventuresblog

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Meet Nicki

Hello everyone! It is quite a bit late but I have a new doll! She is Nicki Flemming, Girl of the year (GOTY) 2007. And she lives on a ranch in Colorado (I think) With her dog Sprocket and her Horse Jackson. (along with Family members, of course) I got her from and older girl who didn’t really do much with her, ever! And she tried to sell her but she couldn’t. nobody wanted Nicki! that’s where I came in(: Now for pictures!


This is Nicki! She didn’t come in her original Outfit, but she came in the Ready for Fun outfit.


Before the Lady put Nicki for sale, she asked me if I could clean her up for her. Of course I was excited to get the job of cleaning up a filthy, frizzy doll! ( I LOVE doing that) So what I did was: I first washed her hair, then I put her hair up in curlers and let them set in boiling hot water (off the stove) for a few minutes, then I let her set until dry. Then I cleaned her skin with Magic Eraser. I still need to Tighten her legs, though.


I love her so much! She makes my 11th AG and she makes the Doll family “click”(:



Thank you so, so, so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed meeting Nicki!



If any of you would like me to make a picture-torial (hey, that should be a thing!) on how to clean dirty dolls, or tighten legs, please say in the comments! I would love to.


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Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

before I get to posting, let me say something. I think I am the worst blogger ever! I haven’t posted in FOREVER! anyway, I am now. So, Today is Rebecca’s Birthday, the day I bought her from a garage sale.

Photo on 12-15-15 at 6.43 PM

This was the first picture I ever took of Rebecca. (not the best, I know(: ) I think this was the second day i had her. (i am pretty sure).

Rebecca at the ticket booth

This is another one I took About a month or two after I got her.


This is three months after I got her. I had was making a picture tutorial on how to curl doll hair. She looks cute here to me.


This one was about four or Five months after I got her. She looks pretty in these colors. ♥


This is one of my Favorite Pictures of her. I was out taking a hike and we stop to take a rest and this was such a gorgeous spot! I had to take a Picture, and now it is my favorite!


And this is Rebecca (behind the glass) when she stared in “The Girl in the dark coat” (which  I still haven’t finished, whoops!)


This is Rebecca pretty recently. I love this picture of her SO MUCH!


And these are some pictures Of Her that I just took.




(Love this)↑

Now I will tell you about when I got her:

So Me and my Mom walked up to this Estate sale (sort-of like a high-end Garage Sale) we walked through this huge house top to bottom and then we walked to this little room and my mom said “Look over here!” and there was this whole entire room full of AG things. There was Felicity’s Horse, Saige’s Art stuff, all kinds of things! Rebecca was in the middle of all of it. I asked the Lady that was running the yard sale how she got It all she said she used to work at American Girl. She said American Girl had given her all the Rebecca, Saige and Felicity and some Kaya displays. Rebecca’s Bottom says “VISUAL” Because she was a display-case doll. I bought her and she came in her (NON Beforever) meet outfit with accessories. I love her and she was the sixth doll in my collection.

                       Happy Birthday, Rebecca!